Baby Born Magic Potty Hottest Toy for Xmas 2008

Baby Born With Magic Potty


Baby Born has been a favourite over the years and is once again expected to sell out quickly this Christmas....Everyone's favourite Baby Born is back entertaining with her lifelike behaviour which enables the realistic role play of mother and child. 

Baby Born Magic Potty is the ideal Christmas present for every little girl.

Baby Born was first launched in 1991 and now comes with her own flashing, musical Magic Potty

She has 8 realistic functions, including:

Baby Born is waterproof and can be bathed
When you place the pacifier with function in her mouth, she'll close her eyes
When she is on the potty, you will hear potty sounds
Drinking from her bottle

Crying real tears when feeling upset
Eating her own, special doll food
Needing her nappy to be changed

Baby Born comes with a birth certificate and a special outfit, she even has movable limbs, When placed on her potty, you'll hear flushing sounds and see flashing lights!

Baby Born with Magic Potty is definitely one of the
hottest toys of Christmas  and is more lifelike than previous models.  A truly interactive experience for all who love Baby Born.  You'll fall in love with Baby Born.


Baby Born with Magic Potty Features on the Christmas top 10 list


Product Description

BABY Born is adorably lifelike - after you feed her or give her something to drink, she is ready for you to help her use her pretty purple potty.

Includes one 17" doll, one potty, one two-piece outfit, one bottle with two different caps, special doll food, one plate, one spoon, one diaper, one "magic" pacifier and one basic pacifier. No batteries required.

BABY Born is just like a real baby - she drinks water from her bottle, eats her own special food, uses her potty or soils her diaper, squeals with delight and cries. You can give BABY Born a fun bath and move her arms and legs. She even closes her eyes when she has her magic pacifier.


Baby Born with Magic Potty set       

Baby born magic potty