I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas


One of the most searched for "I want" for christmas... is... I want a hippopotamus for
Are you hoping to find a huggable hippo hiding under your christmas tree this year?

And who could blame you if your hippopotamus for christmas is as cute as Monifa...the first pygmy hippopotamus born at Taronga Zoo how cute is she!


The 19" Huggable Plush Zomba Hippo and Super Henry Hippo are some of  the hottest toys of Christmas

Just imagine falling asleep with this cute huggable hippo wrapped in your arms.  Your hippopotamus is sure to bring delight for christmas this year.

Is I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas on your christmas shopping list?


What happy customers are saying about their christmas gift hippopotamus selection...


Plush Super Henry Hippo Tushies 28 was the hit of my Christmas gift to my co-worker! She absolutely loved it! So soft!!! She even named him Homer!! Thank you for the super fast delivery and such a great product!! Everyone should have one of these!

Huggable Plush Super Henry Hippo Tushies 28"

Ty Pluffies - Wades the Hippo
 Ty Pluffies Wades The Hippo







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