Playskool Kota Triceratops Dinosaur

Playskool Kota Triceratops Dinosaur


Kota is a great favourite for christmas this year and is expected to sell out quickly this Christmas....Every little boy or girls dream come true of having their very own dinosaur.

Kota Triceratops Dinosaur is the ideal Christmas present for every boy and girl. Kota is a miniature dinosaur, and will react to your child's interaction in incredibly realistic ways.

This miniature dinosaur will even allow your child to sit on him for a pretend ride is definitely one of the hottest toys of Christmas.


Insert batteries and flip KOTA's power switch to "Play" or "Music" mode and start having fun. In music mode, bouncing on the dinosaurs back inspires four different dino adventure theme songs. In play mode, 10 different sensors help this triceratops respond to your child's actions.


Kota's hide is soft, furry, and kid-friendly. He has a personality all of his own with his wide, blinking eyes combined with the way he wiggles his horns and tosses his head. KOTA is a fun, unique, animatronic playmate that your child won't quickly forget.

When you touch KOTA's nose with your hand, he will "sniff" it. Tickling his belly or chin makes him "laugh," and when you feed him by putting an object in his mouth, he responds by munching on it. There's also touch sensors in his three horns, on his tail, and on his two sides. A sound sensor in KOTA's forehead helps him know when your child is "roaring" a dino greeting, and a weight sensor in his back ensures that he knows when there's a rider to entertain.


Kota Triceratops Ride On Dinosaur is sure to bring hours of interactive fun and laughter to your christmas this year . Kids can engage with a realistic character as well as inspiring their imagination..with his realistic design with soft, kid-friendly features.


Kota My Triceratops Ride On Dinosaur Features

* Lifelike using industry changing technology
* Animatronic, life-size baby dinosaur
* Stands over 3 feet tall

* Responds to your voice and touch with roaring and laughing sounds
* Expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements.
* Plays 4 different adventure-themed tunes for immersed, make-believe fun!
* Kids three and older and up to 60 pounds can enjoy a bouncing ride
* Comes to “life” with realistic sounds and motion!

* Product Dimensions: 21.4 x 38.4 x 28.9 inches ; 35.9 pounds


Kota Triceratops Dinosaur Video